Krill Meal


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Small particle food with a real puch. Shipped proccesed Euphausia superba, is immediately flash blanched and centrifuged to remove excess moisture prior to final drying. Frsh dried material is then ground into powder and packaged in opaque poly bags and stored in cool dark storage. Excellent ingredient for feed or direct use as a food. Mixes easily with ingredients and alginates. Stimulates feeding responses, digestive processes, reproductive processes, increase hatches, survival rates and enhance overall health and coloration in aquatic animals. Widely used to rear catfish fry. Easily sized for larval feeds. Average particle size is 20% over 500 microns, 20% 200-500 microns, 20% 112-200 microns, 9% 28-112 microns and 29% less than 28 microns. Guaranteed analysis; protien 54.5%, fat 15.1%, ash 15.3%, chitlin 4.4%, and moisture 6%. High in astaxanthin, (208 ppm/kg) in natural stable form. Used in salmon culture at 3 lbs/ 100 lbs for 3 to 5% astaxanthin level. Omega 3 essential fatty acids=42.81%.


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