Yeast, Inactive


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Quality food grade, inactive, yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which is an excellent food for many zooplankters such as rotifers, daphnia, and Artemia. Not a by-product from brewers or paper mills this product meets Federal standards for human utilization. When rearing Artemia, rotifers or other invertebrates keep in mind that yeast alone is not as nutritionally balanced as our enriched yeast formula (Roti-Rich™). Nutritional value of zooplankton is directly related to their diet. A combined diet of microalgae, yeast and Roti-Rich™ will promote excellent nutritional value and growth. Approximate analysis; protein 45-52%, fat 2.1%, lipids 5.6%, carbohydrates 29.4%, ash 8.0%, calcium 0.12%, phosphorus 1.5%, moisture 3.3-7.0%. Rich in vitamins niacin 500 mcg/gm, pantothenic acid 112 mcg/gm, riboflavin 70 mcg/gm, thiamine 18 mcg/gm, folic acid 12 mcg/gm, pyridoxine 17 mcg/gm and biotin 1.2 mcg/gm plus many essential amino acids.


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