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Florida Aqua Farms Inc., USA, is unique among aquaculture manufacturers. The original founders, Frank Hoff, William Hoff and Terry Snell were and continue to be directly involved in aquatic research, applied aquaculture and the aquarium industry since 1966. Collectively they have 88 years of experience in aquaculture.

Frank and William Hoff were the founders of Instant Ocean Hatcheries in 1974 , which was the largest closed cycle commercial marine tropical fish farm in the world. IOH was 100% independent of natural seawater and located in Dade City, Florida, 35 miles inland. Frank Hoff currently serves on the Board of Directors as a consultant to ORA (Oceans Reef & Aquariums) which is currently the largest marine tropical fish farm in the world.

Current and past endeavors and expertise of the founders includes; culturing micro and macroalgae, zooplankton culture, spawning and rearing freshwater discus and angelfish, saltwater clownfish, pompano, seabass and numerous other aquatic animals. Florida Aqua Farms Inc. continuously researches, formulates, tests and manufactures products found in this catalogue. Of considerable importance to you is the fact that the owners of Florida Aqua Farms Inc., currently use or have used most products found in this catalogue in their current or previous facilities. Using our product line allows us to make modifications and changes that benefit our customers. A significant portion of our product line is specialized towards intensive, closed culture of live foods including microalgae, rotifers, Artemia and daphnia. We offer many products suited for hatcheries, small wet-labs pilot scale projects or experimental work.

Some of our products are traditionally found in scientific research labs and educational facilities but, are often difficult for aquatic farmers or aquarists to locate or obtain. Other products are more common in the aquarium industry but, not usually found in aquaculture. This unique blend of products makes Florida Aqua Farms Inc., USA a special entity rather than another “me-too” manufacturer.

Current products include the brand names: “Resting-Rotifers™, Micro Algae Grow™, Plant Fuel, Plant Fuel Too, It’s Clear, Coralline Stimulator, Mass Pack™, Roti-Rich™, Hatch-Rite I and III, Plankton Collector™, Plankton Culture Manual™, Conditioning and Spawning of Fish, and Culture-Boy 3 & 5™.

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Frank Hoff (Owner)
Nancy Hoff (President)
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