Plant Fuel and Plant Fuel Too


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Complete soluble, stable source of supplemental trace metals and vitamins. Principally formulated for commercial aquaculture to enhance growth and color of large (macro) freshwater and saltwater plants and algae. This formula has been used in Florida Aqua Farm’s plant division for over 20 years. Primary nutrients, nitrate and phosphate, are not present in Plant Fuel . Formulated for use in aquaria and ponds that have established populations of fish and/or invertebrates that are being fed. Metabolism of waste products and excess food normally provide suitable levels of nitrate and phosphate. If you intend to grow only plants we suggest our full strength formula Plant Fuel Too which include nitrate and phosphate. Both Plant Fuel’s are enriched with chelated iron, iodide and other essential aquatic trace metals and vitamins including B12, biotin thiamin and others. To save on shipping costs we also offer dry formulations with little water for gallon sizes only. You mix and add ingredients as instructed.


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