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FOR MICROALGAE AND ROTIFERS For beginning or teaching purposes we have assembled our plankton culture products and associated hardware into a complete starter kit. Kit includes; Plankton Culture Manual™, 4 Micro Algae Disks ( Nanochloropsus), 2 Resting Rotifer Eggs (specify fresh or saltwater), 2 Roti-Rich (6 oz bottles), 1 Micro Algae Grow (6 oz bottle), 6 glass-bead airstones, 6 plastic metering valves, 6 pre-cut rigid tubes, 10 feet airline, 10X magnifier, Plankton Collector, and Microalgae Density Measurer. You provide culture vessels, lights, and air pump. Specify fresh or saltwater rotifers.

Manufactured by Florida Aqua Farms Inc. USA.

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