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ROTI-RICH™, MAINTENANCE DIET FOR INVERTEBRATES Utilization of live foods such as Artemia and rotifers for rearing larval fish, shrimp, and other invertebrates is a common practice in aquaculture. Domestication practices of spawning and rearing live foods or invertebrates in high density closed systems often results in unbalanced dietary needs. Our formulation of invertebrate food is a special yeast, microalgae based food that is fortified with a rich, full, vitamin mixture and specific essential trace nutrients. Tested and used at Florida Aqua Farms for over 13 years. Use in conjunction with or without microalgae for feeding a variety of zooplankton including rotifers, Artemia, daphnia and various filter feeders including sponges, clams, scallops, squid, etc. Use as a supplement to a straight yeast or microalgae diet to enhance reproduction and produce more nutritious zooplankton. Available in liquid and dry forms. Commercial use only dry forms, save money in shipping, packaging and storage space. Shelf life of liquid formulation 8 months. We have expanded our offerings or dry Roti-Rich to inclde smaller packs for use in hobby and smaller applications. Dry Roti-Rich can be used directly for rearing artemia and daphnia.


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