Iodide Solution, Trace Nutrient


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We have experimented with iodide solutions for over 25 years. In closed systems it quickly becomes limited and contributes to a multitude of problems including goiter or tongue growths in fish, delayed metamorphosis of fish larvae, adverse coral growth etc. Further discussion of use can be found in our new book Conditioning and Spawning of Fish with Emphasis on Clownfish (VA-FAF3). Iodine becomes limiting in closed or high intensity culture systems. Iodine deficiencies have an adverse affect on metamorphosis of algae, invertebrates and fish. Levels (60 µg/ liter) which are 10 times natural seawater are often used to induce metamorphosis in a timely manner in marine clownfish. Use 2 drops per liter to achieve 60 µg per liter. See page 135 of our Conditioning and Spawning book for more info.


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