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CULTURE SYSTEM FOR MICROALGAE/ROTIFER/ARTEMIA Compact ready to use, counter top culture units. Suitable for subculture work, experimental research, school projects or for maintaining small phytoplankton and/or zooplankton inoculant populations. Utilize 6 to 10, disposable plastic culture bags, 3 to 5 on each side depending on model. All models come with built-in lights, light protectors and splash guards, built-in air manifold system including valves and connections, rigid PVC support frame, rigid air tubes, contamination caps, airline tubing, airstones and 36 square bottom culture bags. Optional equipment includes mounted air pumps and starter kits which include; 2 Micro Algae Disks, 1 Micro Algae Grow, 1 Roti-Rich (6 oz. size), 1 Plankton Collector, 1 Manual, and 1 vials of either fresh or saltwater rotifers must be specified. Single sided units (SYS420 & 430) can be placed against the wall. All units can be easily connected to your existing air system or adapted to our air pumps. Units 2′ long use 7.5 L bags and 4′ units use 17 L bags. Taller model SYS44T uses 30 liter bags. Prices do not include the optional mounted air pump or starter culture equipment. Allow 3-4 weeks. Mfg. Florida Aqua Farms USA


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