Brine Shrimp Hatcher


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BRINE SHRIMP HATCHER, HATCH-RITE 1™, 4.5 GALLON Our popular, well proven product that is used throughout the world. Our Hatch- Rite 1™ and our larger Hatch-Rite 2™ are basically inverted pyramids. These designs allow you to hatch large amounts of Artemia with little waste and a small amount of water. These have been personally used in our facilities since 1972. Our hatcher CA-BSH1 will handle up to 300 cc (20 tablespoons) of cysts in just 4.5 gallons of water. Because of the unique design and circulation pattern just 2 quarts water is all that is needed for smaller hatches. Made of 1/4″ thick plexiglass. Unit is 24″ tall by 12″ square at the top, provides no horizontal flat surfaces to trap cysts.. Equipped with replaceable drain valve at the bottom for removing hatched nauplii and cleaning. Comes with rigid air tube, tubing, airstone, plastic globe valve, tubing adapter, and cleaning sponge. <br>Manufactured by Florida Aqua Farms Inc. USA. Patent Pending


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