Water Clarifier


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It’s Clear™ is a natural, “reef safe” water treatment for removal of suspended organic particles including protozoan stages of oodinium and cryptocaryan. Useful in controlling microalgae and bacterial blooms. Restores brightness and clarity to the cloudiest saltwater or freshwater. Will not damage filters or equipment. Not a bacteria based product. This is a patented cationic polyelectrolyte made from a deacetylated form of chitin called chitosan which is derived from crustacean shells. This positive charge, combined with a high molecular weight and high charge density makes it ideal for flocculating organic turbidity. It’s Clear is nontoxic to fish, mammals and aquatic plants when used as instructed. This is a clear viscus solution that will not discolor aquarium water. Does not create a gummy or gelatinous mat on filter beds like alum sulfate. Filters do not have to be turned off and water exchanges are not required after treatment. A six ounce bottle will treat upto 4000 gallons based on full dose levels. Excellent shelf life.


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