Ultraviolet Sterilizers Larger Elevated Units


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Pentai’s new improved units ore ideal for 99% of the applications needed in aquaculture and shellfish depuration. Constructed of 3″ diameter, UV inhibited PVC inner shield which is the most efficient chamber diameter. Units of smaller diameters have proven to be less efficient. In addition, Pentair has added a disposable PVC inner shield which further extends the life of the external housing by shielding it from continuous UV radiation. UV effectively kills bacteria, fungi, yeast, protozoans, viruses and other organisms. A single pass, is 99% effective in killing bacteria (E. Coli) at maximun flow rates from 240 GPH to 9000 GPH. Equipped with a pure quartz sleeve into which the UV bulb is inserted. The pure quartz sleeve isolates the bulb to provide optimal operating bulb temperature of 100 degrees F (38C). This is especially important when using waters cooler than 70 degrees F (22C). In addition the special four prong bulb is made of pure quartz glass to provide optimal transmittance of UV rays into the water. Other makes do not include sleeves and a pressure sealed directly onto the bulb surface. Although these styles are cheaper they are less efficient at lower temperatures and can be dangerous if bulb breaks. They are more prone to leaks due to deterioration of the seal or loose fittings. Pentairs especially made, high intensity, UV bulbs are made from the highest quality pure hard quartz glass which emit 30 to 35% higher UV output than conventional bulbs of the same wattage. These are mercury vapor UV bulbs and are rated at 15,000 microwatt seconds / sqare centimeter (intensity/second/unit area) at the flow rates shown and guaranteed to produce 2,600 andstroms (the most effective UV killing range). Warning, don’t be fooled by the statement of more microwatts since this figure is purely based of flow rates. If you slow the flow in half, the microwatts double to 30,000. Vitrually everything is killed if you slow the flow suffeciently for example: slow the flow so that 50,000 microwatts are produced then it is sufficient to kill free floating fungi, etc. In addition, this bulb is designed to resist solorazation which extends the bulb life 35% longer. Each bulb has it’s own lightweight, electronic, ballast and four prong plug.Bulb replacement is quickly accomplished by unplugging the bulb and removing it from the top without dismantling the quartz sleeve or shutting down or dismantling the system. Bulb peak output under continuous use is 13 to 15 months. In addition to flow rate, optimal effectiveness of UV is directly related to the clarity of water and age of bulb. Optimal results are achived when bulbs are replaced every 12 to 15 months, incoming water should be prefiltered of most particles, and quartz sleeves cleaned as needed. All of the vertical units can be adapted to a horizontal position using the adapter kits (CL in chart below refers to the vertical height needed to service the unit (V=vertical, H=horizontal). Inlet/outlet (S=slip, T=threaded). Note the QL40 is the only UV that comes with 2 different bases. On the smaller models, the inlet is on one side and the outlet on the other side. On the larger models (40 watts or more) inlets and outlets are available on either side for easy installation. C=chambers. All inlets and outlets are female slip or NPT thread. All the units from QL25 to QL40 can be converted to 1/2″ or 3/4″ female threads (NPT). Be sure to specify if you want threads.


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