KOI Pellet Feed


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Greater protein digestibility and low phosphorus levels to help reduce effluents which negatively impact water quality. Provides nutritionally-balanced formulations, using high quality ingredients, to optimize feed conversions and reduce waste. Fortified woth Spirulina and other natural marine sources to enhance coloration. Excellent floatability and water stability. Will not cloud the water. Formulated for high palatability and digestibility to minimize excreted waste. All these products are formulated as completely-balanced and highly palatable diets incorporating color enhancers and proteinated trace minerals for stability. Contains stable Vitamin C and Brewers Yeast to promote healthy fin, gill, and tissue development. Formulated by using low temperature processing which protects the nutritional integrity of nutrients that may otherwise be damaged by high temperatures. Guaranteed analysis; crude protein min 42%, crude fat min 6%, crude fiber max 3%, moisture max 10%, ash max 10%.


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