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Florida Aqua Farms has been working on the culture of tank raised Koi and freshwater aquatic plants for over two years. Items listed are cultured in our outside ponds or in our recyculating system in our greenhouse facility. We are now offering some of these items. We offer economical, standard Koi suitable for stocking in outside ornamental ponds and water features. Smaller 2″ Koi, are also suitable for aquariums. Conditioning and spawning is controlled in our facility and larvae are fed live feeds. We offer three sizes suitable for standard shipping. In addition, we offer a good Koi feed for a fair price in our feed section. All our fish have been conditioned to this feed before being sold. Minimum order is $25 of fish. Koi are randomly selected and come in mixed colors, various sizes and color tails and dorsal formations. Shipments are sent in Styrofoam coolers (extra cost)and come one day UPS.


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