Coralline Stimulator™

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Coralline Stimulator is a complete, soluble, stable source of supplemental trace metals and essential vitamins. Principally formulated for enhancing growth and all colors of corals and other invertebrates. Stimulates zooxanthellae growth (microalgae) found in invertebrate tissues such as corals, anemones and clams. Retards hair algae. Does not alter pH. Use in either fresh or saltwater. Use in conjunction with reef formers of calcium hydroxide and strontium chloride. This exact formula has been used by researchers at Florida Aqua Farms Inc. for over 20 years. Primary nutrients, nitrate and phosphate, are purposely limited in Coralline Stimulator since it is intended for use in aquaria that have established populations of fish and/or invertebrates that are routinely fed. Metabolism of waste products from these animals normally provide sufficient levels of nitrate and phosphate. Coralline Stimulator is enriched with chelated iron, iodide, strontium and other essential trace metals and vitamins including B12, biotin, and thiamin. Formulated and manufactured by FAF.


1 review for Coralline Stimulator™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    kdubart (verified owner)

    I have been using this stuff for years and it is one of only two additives I have to add to my reef tanks. This stuff is the best!!!!!!

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